From Trash to Treasure

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I am a sucker for a good, sappy, mushy, horse story. My favorite horse movie of all time is Seabiscuit. Perhaps it’s because I can relate to the horse most. A horse with so much heart, a horse that wanted to please, yet he got skipped over. Someone finally gave him a chance, and though he was small, his heart was bigger and he set records, won races, and made history.

Can you relate too? Have you been skipped over? Have you been told that you aren’t good enough? Do you have a growing passion and desire to obtain a goal, but the right person hasn’t come along yet to give you the chance?

Friends, I have felt all those things. And I’m here today to tell you that God has a plan for you! Jeremiah 29:11 tells us; “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I know this scripture is true because I live it. God also tells us that “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9. It doesn’t matter if you are a little “banged” up. God will forgive you. He has plans for you! Plans to give you hope and future!

Today, I’d like to encourage you to know that there is a God that is so much bigger than your problems or your past. It doesn’t matter if you are a little banged up…..Trust me. I know…….

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It’s A New Year!

It’s a New Year! Are you ready? As 2012 comes to a close, I thank God for all he’s done for me, all he’s given me, for the doors that he closed, and the ones that he opened. I am excited about 2013 and hope you are too!

In the excitement of the New Year, Reins For Renewal is putting together a schedule of Women’s Events, Expo’s, Clinics, and Online Coaching Classes!  If you’d like to host a Clinic or a Women’s Event please contact Lisa!

Check out the new schedule at:

New Year






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Women’s Equine Seminar

Do you have a passion for horses? Do you like to get together with other women and share experiences, learn, and make new friends? If you answered YES, then the Women’s Equine Seminar is the place to be! Come join me November 10 in Hutchinson, KS to be empowered, encouraged, connect, and laugh! It’s going to be great!

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Trust…Do You Trust?

Who do you trust?

This quote is so true on so many levels!

We could easily apply this to our personal lives, our spiritual lives, but today I am going to apply it to my “horsey” life.

I bought my 2-year-old when he was a weanling. I spend two years building a trusting relationship with him and being careful to make sure that, as much as I had fallen in love with him, there was respect between us. I feel like it’s impossible to build trust if there is no respect. (that goes for our personal lives too!)

Today I rode my colt down the road, through the fields and up and down the ditches. We went about 3 miles. He was absolutely perfect. He didn’t spook at the running rabbits, the pile of old farm equipment, the pumping irrigation systems, the pickups coming down the road, the dog that had to follow us….nothing. I know that this behavior is a result of the trust we have built with each other. Does this mean he will never spook and always be “perfect”? NO! But I know that because I have taken the time to build a relationship with him, I am in a better position to help him when does get scared!

That said, I also know that it would take a matter of seconds to damage the trust that I have built with my colt! If my temper gets the best of me, if I get impatient, expect too much, or put him in a situation he’s not ready for, I am jeopardizing the trust we have built. It could take several days, weeks, or months to rebuild the trust my colt has in me if I would ever make a bad decision. I must be mindful of this each and every time I get on him!

Does your horse trust you? Do you trust him? You have to believe and trust in him if you expect him to believe in and trust you.

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I Pledge Allegiance….

It’s the 4th of July! A day of celebration and fireworks. A day to be thankful for the freedom we enjoy everyday and to thank the soliders for all they do to secure our freedom. I saw this and loved it….hope you enjoy it too! Happy 4th of July!

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Who Am I?

Have you ever just felt “lost”? Like you know you are here for a reason, but can’t quite figure it out? I’ve been there….more than once. I think it’s a woman thing. We tend to have no sense of direction and are pulled in many different directions! When I start to feel lost, I have to remember where I’m from and just exactly who I am…..

“Thank you Lord for calling me by name and having a plan for my life. Your plans are better than anything I could think of or imagine.”

So glad to be called “Mine” by the Most High……

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Do You Understand?

Sometimes I feel like an outcast. Sometimes I just don’t fit in. A woman in her jeans, boots, and spurs doesn’t really seem like the type of person most people approach. And when your littered with hay, horse hair and pine shavings, it’s even worse! Suddenly you are the “wierd” one. They just don’t understand…..

However, if you are one of the few women that ride, muck stalls, feed hay, and are often littered with horse hair, you understand. And that understanding is something SO deep and some how “we” crave that understanding.

I have found that while most people do not understand, my heavenly Father does. And on days when I feel like an outcast and I simply don’t fit in, all I have to do is open my Bible. The Man upstairs created me this way. He chose me to give this wonderful gift to, and I am so glad he did!

Do you understand?


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Horses = Excercise & Weight Loss!

I went into the Dr. for a check up. When the nurse asked me, “Do you excercise?” I replied with a smile, “I try to ride 4 horses a day, feed, and muck stalls on occasion.” To which she answered, “Well, that doesn’t really count for you, it mainly just counts for the horses.” My jaw hit the floor! Was she serious? I was a bit offended! So I set out on a quest to prove that the horses in my life provide much excercise, and if I’d quit drinking Pepsi, probably weight loss too!

Here’s a chart to prove it!

So there you have it! All it takes is a little FUN time with your horse and you will be burning calories, getting fit, and losing weight! Guess I’ll be doing a lot of loping! (And sending a copy of this chart to the nurse I saw!)

How about you? What’s your favorite Calorie Burning Equine Activity? Leave your comment below!~Thanks!

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Women & Horses

     As a young girl, growing up on a farm, it wasn’t Barbie dolls I played with, it was horses. Plastic & ceramic horses of all sizes and colors. Some were given to me by my grandfather; others were given to me as Christmas or birthday gifts. Nevertheless, at a very young age horses captured my mind, my heart, and my soul.

     I think it’s in your blood. Horses. I know many women who dreamt about horses as a child, and still dreams about them as an adult. Perhaps you’re a woman who has been in love with horses for years, but have never had the privilege of owning one. Maybe you’re a woman whose best friend is your horse. Maybe you’re a woman who grew up with horses, raised your children, and would now like to own a horse again. Maybe you’re a woman like me who knows that life without horses would be no life at all. All the blood, sweat, and tears of life seem worth it when you have a horse to love, to hug, and to cry with.



In her book, If I Had A Horse How Different Life Would Be, Melissa Sovey-Nelson writes; “There is always a reason a horse appears in a woman’s life. It is no accident when they come to us, if only in our dreams. If our hearts fill with longing thinking of them, they carry a potent message. Horses may enter our lives for a short time or be present throughout. However they make a presence, their impact is permanent. Carrying us at crossroads, assisting us with burdens, empowering us with sensations of flight and freedom, they often catch us off guard with the possibility of new horizons and secret gates to our souls that need healing.”


     Sound familiar? Can you relate? There is a tingle that runs up and down your spine when you think of the quote above, because you know it’s true. Horses empower women like nothing else can. Over the years, I have found that women relate to horses differently than men do. We require different things from our horses, and mainly have them to meet an emotional need. A woman looks at her horse and he represents all the things to her that she wants to be; strong, beautiful, sure, confident, free, and content. Horses bring emotions and dreams to women that only they can understand. Horses live in the present moment, while women are constantly trying to figure out what is happening today, tomorrow, next week and next month. When a woman is with her horse, she is free to live one moment at a time. She is allowed to be herself, because her horse doesn’t care what she looks like, or how she is dressed. A horse only requires us to be real!

While women tend to make very emotional connections with a horse, a woman must also remember to use the God-given knowledge she has to make good choices for herself and her horse. Women are not as strong or as physical as men, thus we must use our brains and instinct to guide us with our horses. As a woman who owns and shows performance horses, I find the middle ground a bit tough at times. It’s so easy to fall in love with the horse and excuse bad behavior or be soft when I need to be firm. Women are given a nurturing desire by God, and at times, we tend to want to nurture too much. It becomes difficult for us to be firm. We get caught up in the “riding off in the sunset” dream and forget that our friend weighs 1000+ lbs and has a mind and emotions of his own. We must remember that in firmness there is also love and leadership. (Ever heard of “Tough Love”?) Horses look for leadership, and if leadership is not your strong suit, your horse will soon teach you that you need to be in charge. Firm, yet fair. When women find an inner strength to communicate firmness with fairness, it gives a woman confidence and a desire to pursue the partnership with her horse thus fulfilling her dreams about her horse. Making the dream a reality is work. It’s an everyday task. When we keep in mind that whenever we handle our horses we are teaching them SOMETHING (good or bad), we start to pay more attention to the way we communicate with our partner. All women want a “relationship” with their horse. However, we tend to forget that a relationship is two sided and that the horse should be responsible for his half of the relationship! While our horses make our dreams come true and give us warm-fuzzies, it’s our responsibility to create a two sided relationship and learn to be firm and fair.


I am not the only woman to love a horse. I believe that God has blessed me with the horses I have and I know that he has used them to teach me, reach me, and heal me. My horses have made me the person I am today and I will forever be grateful. It’s been a quite a road, but I am thankful for the journey I am on, and that God has allowed me to have a life with those horses I dreamt about as a little girl.

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When I Am An Old Horsewoman

I saw this on Facebook and LOVED it! Hope you enjoy it!

“When I Am An Old Horsewoman”

When I am an old horsewoman, I shall wear turquoise and diamonds, And a straw hat that doesn’t suit me, And I shall spend my social security on white wine and carrots, And sit in my alleyway of my barn and listen to my horses breathe. I will sneak out in the middle of a summer night and ride the old palomino gelding, across the moonstruck meadow if my old bones will allow. And when people come to call, I will smile and nod as I walk past the gardens to the barn and show instead the flowers growing, inside stalls fresh-lined with straw. I will shovel and sweat and wear hay in my hair as if it were a jewel. And I will be an embarrassment to ALL who will not yet have found the peace in being free to have a horse as a best friend. A friend who waits at midnight hour with muzzle and nicker and patient eyes for the kind of woman I will be when I am old.  ~Author Unknown

What will you be doing when you are an Old Horsewoman?

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The Inside Story…..

Would you consider yourself a “girly-girl”? Do you wear jeans & boots more than any other clothing & shoes in your closet? Would you agree with me when I say a girl can dress up any skirt or dress with the right pair of boots? I would consider myself a bit of a “girly-girl” but I am more comfortable in jeans and boots than anything else in my closet. I like boots! Ask my husband. I am also into bigger earrings right now, big rings, and chunky jewelry. My haircut is far from a “cowgirl” cut, but it’s me….short & sassy!

Image is everywhere! Society has helped us create a warped sense of who we are or aren’t based on how we look and how we dress. It’s hard to be unique in a world that criticizes genuine uniqueness. But God created each of us to be his own unique creation. He created us to be his daughter, his child. When we look in the mirror and complain about what we see, we insult the very God that created us!

1 Peter 3:3-4 tells us; “It is not fancy hair, gold jewelry, or fine clothes that should make you beautiful. No, your beauty should come from within you-the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit that will never be destroyed and is very precious to God.

Chowdie 5

When I read this scripture, I think not only of how women work so hard to look beautiful, but I also think of where we miss what true beauty is. While I know that God wants us to take care of ourselves (eat healthy, excercise, rest, and YES, I love my MaryKay!), I also feel like he wants us to work hard on the inside too. Outward beauty means nothing if our heart is ugly. True beauty is found in a heart that rests secure in God’s love. When our heart is in the right place with God, the other things in our lives make more sense. Suddenly people are attracted to the inner beauty and the uniqueness that God created in us. When our inside is confident in Christ, we ooze a confidence that God provides-not the world.

As a woman who deals with horses on a daily basis, I am amazed at how my “girly-girl” self-no matter what I look like on the outside-communicates with the horses around me. When my heart is right with God, so is my relationship with my horse. (and those around me!) I love how my horses don’t care what I look like, what I’m wearing, or what I smell like! They only care-like God-about where my heart is.

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My Journey To The NRHA Futurity!

I’ve been thinking alot lately about documenting the journey I’ve been on with a wonderful 2 yr old colt that I have. I’ve been going back and forth about just where we are going, and when I was asked this past weekend what my goals were with him, I quietly replied “Well….I’d really like to take him to the NRHA Futurity, but…..I don’t know…” The trainer I was visiting with promptly informed me to set a goal and get to work! After doing some thinking, I’ve decided that while the NRHA Futurity is a lofty goal, I’m going to give it a whirl! My colts Sire is behind us and I know God’s on my side! As I venture through the journey of starting a colt and training it for a major event, I am feeling blessed for the opportunity and excited about what I’m going to learn! I am sure God has many lessons in store for me! So here’s to me and my beautiful colt “Heza Shiney Renewal”! Hop on over to our Blog-“My Journey To The NRHA Futurity”!  Make sure you click the “FOLLOW” button in the top right hand corner! Join us on an adventure that is sure to be funny, sad, frustrating, and very fulfilling!

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A Matter Of Heart


She came to me as a gift. I’m sure. A gift from the heavens, from the Master planner. And while I can’t say that I know his plan, I’m honored that he put her in my life. I wasn’t really looking for another horse, let-a-lone a mare, but there she was and it all worked out.
I’ve heard many great horseman/women talk about the heart of a mare. I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced what they were talking about. Until now. I’ve caught a glimpse of the heart of a mare, and I admit, I’m in love…..and have learned a lesson or two.
Lotsa Primo. Her name is short and sweet, much like her. Her nicker greets me each morning, and tucks me into bed at night. Her eyes light up when they see me, sparkling…dancing…her heart shining through.
She took me to the cutting pen after having a month off. I’d tore a disk in my back, so my riding time was off limits for 5 weeks. She walked like a soldier on the hot-walker, but it wasn’t like riding. I hauled her to a show to see if we could put things back together and to find out where I was at physically. As I entered the pen, I could feel my confidence rise and just knew we could put things together. “Ms Patty” (aka Princess Patty) laid her heart down for me and worked. She tried so hard for me despite our time off and my lack of skill as a new cutter. I left the pen that night a different rider. I’d caught a glimpse of what a mare with heart looks like.
The following week I thought of our ride and played it over and over in my mind. My comment to my best friend was, “I get it. I know now what they mean. She tried so hard for me.” These words escaped my mouth several times during the following weeks.
I began to think about all the times I felt like I’d worked so hard, putting my whole heart and soul into a project, a ride, a relationship. Colossians 3:23 reminds us, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” It’s been hard for me sometimes to swallow that word “whatever”. This verse makes it clear that it shouldn’t matter if I’m scrubbing the toilet, cleaning up messes, doing laundry, riding my horse, or planning a date night for me and my husband, I’m to work at those things with all my heart. For the Lord. Not for me. Not for men.
Ms Patty has served as a great example to me of what working for the Lord means. Everyday she comes out ready to work. She is ready to do whatever is asked of her. She doesn’t ask a lot of questions, nor does she complain.  She just puts her head down and does what she is being asked to do. How about you? How do you look at your life? Your work? I’d love to hear from you!
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What Keeps Me Up At Night….

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night with your heart and mind heavy with Worry? I do. If you are anything like me, it can be worry about children, a husband who is working too hard, a job, finances, and just plain worrying about what your life means…if anything.

It’s 2:56 AM and I am up with Worry. He’s really not a friend, although we visit often. My over-active mind does not allow me to sleep when it’s running on and on about the things I’ve been thinking about through the day.  However, in the middle of this night, I am reminded of what Matthew 6:25 & 27 have to say; (25) “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? (27) Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” 

God knew we were going to Worry. Our fast-paced society keeps us going and going and soon stress and worry, if we are not careful, sets in and takes over! Our minds can make us crazy with all the thoughts of worry that we typically have. However, in this passage of scripture, God is telling us to TRUST in HIM and not to worry! He tells us NOT to worry about food, clothes, his love, our lives, a job, our children, LIFE~ things we often worry about. If we really trust him, we are to give him our stress, our worries, our confusion, & our concern.  And while sometimes it’s easy to give him our “junk”, we have to be very careful to give it to him and leave it with him. Afterall, who of us can add a single hour to our lives by worrying?

What is it that keeps you up at night?

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It’s a New Start!

So many changes in my life are happening right now! My oldest graduated from High School a week ago! I also had an 8th Grader Graduate along with my youngest-a Kindergartener! WHEW! So among the changes, I’ve decided to move my blog to WordPress! Welcome! Please become a follower and prepare to be inspired!

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